Polifilm contributes to Recyclability with Mono-PE structures
Polifilm contributes to Recyclability with Mono-PE structures


Oriented PE (OPE) films are very popular regarding its recyclability potential but its limiting characteristics like low heat resistance and low barrier to oxygen makes it difficult to interfere with other strong competitors like BOPP and BOPET. While the strongest point of PE is very high sealing performance, BOPP and BOPET stands for very high stiffness and very high barrier properties against gaseous with very diverse product range. In OPE films, while retaining its good sealing characteristics, gaining high barrier properties with EVOH and metalisation can be a good solution to get ahead among its strong rivals.


7PL is the special film developed by POLIFILM, stands for its very low SIT and high performance of sealing and hot tack characteristics. It has very high seal window makes it to use in a very different applications including recyclable structures. In recyclable structures it is very critical to shoe low SIT characteristics to provide wider seal window to overcome low thermal resistance of OPE films. In recyclable structures beside of low SIT property, flex crack and puncture resistance is also very critical because PET replacement is taken place. Readily BOPET gives very high puncture resistance to structure, PFL7PL fills the blank of PET films about this scheme.