Barrier Film Range of Polifilm
Barrier Film Range of Polifilm

Choosing the right packaging to be used is very important in order to ensure that the foods remain fresh for the desired period of time under the specified storage conditions.

The oxygen barrier of the packaging is the most important feature that provides the shelf life of the product. Barrier films with EVOH are widely used for this purpose, thanks to its high oxygen barrier property.

They can be preferable in lidding films, pouches, and bag in box applications. Due to its very versatile applications, EVOH supply is also versatile, and there are various types of EVOH with different mole numbers for applications as pasteurization, retort, thermoforming, etc. It can be achievable to have an excellent gas barrier with a thin layer of EVOH without exceeding the recyclability limit.

POLIFILM offers a wide range of barrier films such as sealable, peelable, low seal, easy tear and more to come… In addition, there are options with UV additives which prevents the food from spoilage by the light coming from the outside environment and Antifog additives which prevents the fogging on the packaging.


Barrier films are very versatile with its enriched features such as barrier level, seal, tear and easy open properties.

POLIFILM’s BAR LS product is featured for low seal applications and high barrier to the oxygen. Thanks to its excellent hot tack properties, BAR LS performs superbly on VFFS and HFFS machines.

Also, BAR LS will be a brilliant solution for the circular economy.

By using POLIFILM’s OPE Films at the outside layer and the BAR LS at the inner layer, 100% mono PE can be designed for duplex structures.


Another member of POLIFILM’s barrier film product group is easy tear barrier films. For packs, sachet or doypacks, EASY TEAR BAR films can be preferable due to its good tear properties both on MD and TD.

Easy tear and low seal properties together is possible with our developments, so that complete metamorphosis of the structures to recyclable is possible.


BAR PEELABLE films are also strong due to their high barrier and peelable characteristics. BAR peelable film shows peelable seal to PE and itself. Universal peeling to PP, APET, PVC and BOPET is also possible.

Lidding films are one of the most common applications of these films, which is why good optic is very important. Also in pouches, these films can be used as a sealing barrier layer. It can show very good resistance to vacuum.


In packages where the product is visible, it is important that the product seems clear trough the transparent package, and we can say that it is a convincing argument for freshness.

hanks to Antifog additive, condensation in barrier packages can be prevented and this appearance can be provided.

As POLIFILM, we classify this group as our BAR Antifog films.

BAR Antifog films can be a good choice in lidding films applications for the products suffer from high moisture content.

Moisture in food products can evaporate during packing, transportation or displaying the packaging on the shelf, so this moisture must be well managed, or it can be very dangerous and spoil the food product.

The anti-fog additive allows moisture to spread on the film without forming droplets, thus keeping food safe.

One of the problems with antifog films is that antifog additives can migrate into the adhesive or tie layers of the barrier films, so this trend needs to be well managed by using special adhesives and tie layers.

Thanks to our wide resin alternatives and expertise, we can produce perfect BAR antifog films.

This property can be also provided together with other properties like; Peelable / Sealable / Low Seal.