Polifilm was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Sekuro which had been in the Film Industry since 1997. Polifilm mainly focused on the Food Packaging film process and markets by utilizing the experience gained by the years in the Film industry.

Polifilm believes in reliable and consistent cooperations, so built up the cooperation on multidisciplinary working approaches with transparency, common sense and knowledge.

With talented human resources and a solid organizational structure, Polifilm gives importance to knowledge, invests in continuous development and improvement with the search for rational solutions.  Polifilm respects the law, believes in moral values and social responsibility, and aims to pioneer industrial differentiation with its professional business culture.

Our biggest goal is focusing on the production of environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging, reducing our waste, and making a constant effort to reduce the carbon footprint in a sustainable environment. Our actions are to fulfill our responsibilities towards the environment, society, and our customers, and continuously develop and improve all our environmental activities in line with our common company goals, with intensive information and effective communication.

Designing products and packaging for recyclability is an essential part of being 'Circular.' It starts with creating it to be Easy to Sort and Collect. It continues with the subjects of being suitable for Efficient and Quality Recycling and preventing/reducing product and/or packaging waste while providing functionality with minimum resource usage.